COVID Safe Driving Lessons

Covid-19 Driving Lesson Guidelines

The government has announced that from July 4th 2020, driving lessons are allowed to resume in England, but not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Driving tests are set to resume from July 22nd 2020. If you had a driving test cancelled after March 19, you will be contacted by the DVSA and invited to rebook your test. Key workers will be first for the time being. If you are yet to book a driving test, we are sorry to say that it may be 3 months before you are allowed to book, due to the current backlog.

We have drawn up a set of guidelines which we feel should be the minimum standard applied across all our driving lessons. We also believe that our driving instructors should take any further steps that they feel are required to keep us all safe as we come out of lockdown. We also encourage our customers to take any measures that will make them feel safer during driving lessons.

Guidelines for Resuming Driving Lessons

For the resumption of driving lessons in July we will still have to take great care to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. If we all take a little more care and follow some simple guidelines, then our driving instructors can return to work safely.

We will ask our customers and our driving instructors to follow the current guidelines as laid out by the government to help prevent the spread of the virus. We have listed below some key points that will help keep us all safer.

For safer driving lessons, you will:

  • Confirm if any members of your household are in the high-risk group
  • Confirm that you are free of Covid symptoms
  • Bring your own face coverings to wear in your driving lessons
  • Wash your hands when leaving your house
  • Try to keep facing forwards during the driving lesson
  • Inform us if you are contacted by Track & Trace

For safer driving lessons, your driving instructor will:

  • Reduce the number of clients seen each day
  • Wipe down all controls on a regular basis
  • Ask you to sanitise your hands when entering their car
  • Try to keep windows open during the lesson
  • Try to keep facing forwards during the driving lesson
  • Require permission to forward details to Track & Trace

If Covid symptoms are evident, the driving lesson will be terminated, and you will be returned home.

Covid-19 Symptoms include: Fever, Tiredness, Coughing, Sore throat, Shortness of breath, Loss of taste, Loss of smell

We can only take you for a driving lesson if you have been free of symptoms for the 7 days before your driving lesson. Contact your driving instructor as soon as possible if you develop symptoms. Due to the risks associated with COVID-19 and the requirements of the Driver Training environment, the Instructor and driving school cannot be held responsible for the health of the client/pupil as long as reasonable measures are taken.