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Learn Smart Driving School is a modern driving school, we want to offer you the choice of using modern vehicles for your driving lessons. These modern vehilces may include electric powered cars for automatic driving lessons. The owner of Learn Smart Driving School has already test driven some of the electric cars currently available and is keen to offer you this service. We need to know how many of you want to use these modern cars for your driving lessons. It has been announced, this year (2107), that the sale of the traditional petrol or diesel engined car will be stopped be 2040. This signals a major change in the process of learning to drive in the future. Adopting the new technology will happen and Learn Smart Driving School is looking to embrace these changes. Will you support us?

We will offer you an unrivaled package of competitive pricing, high grade driving instructors and online booking for your driving lessons in an automatic car. As well as accepting cash payments, we provide secure services to allow you to make your purchases using your debit or credit cards. Card purchases can be made online or during your driving lessons and we do not add any card processing charges. To help you pass your theory test, free Theory Test Training is included for all our customers, using our app to practise on your phone and using the web portal to take mock tests at home on your computer.

We welcome drivers of all levels of experience, from your very first driving lesson all the way through to advanced driving lessonsin an automatic car. Contact Learn Smart Driving School if you are looking for a better driving instructor, or if you are looking to refresh your driving skills. Call us if you are looking for a pass plus driving course or motorway driving experience. We will tailor your driving course to suit your goals, from passing the driving test to gaining more confidence. You are twice as likely to pass your driving test after taking driving lessons with one of our fully qualified driving instructors.

Do you want us to provide zero emission automatic driving lessons?

We want to bring you cleaner automatic driving lessons later in 2017. Please complete our survey so that we can bring you the driving lessons you have been looking for. We are considering the use of electric cars to bring you sero emissions driving lessons. Would you be willing to pay a little extra for cleaner automatic driving lessons?

Would you be willing to support our goals in providing zero emmission automatic driving lessons?

Do you think Battery Electric Vehicles are the future of personal transportation? Please complete our survey and register your interest and you may see zero emissions driving lessons later in 2017. Support us and we will provide cleaner driving lessons for Lincoln and Sleaford.

We do not currently have any driving instructors providing automatic driving lessons and I have a strong belief in the growth of electric vehicles. When I change my manual mini cooper later this year I would be considering a change from manual to automatic if I feel there is enough support and interest in automatic driving lessons from Learn Smart Driving School.

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Automatic driving lessons in an electric car


Zero Emissions Automatic Driving Lessons in A Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe could be an ideal car for driving lessons, as a modest sized super-mini, there is enough space to be comfortable without having to worry about driving a large car through the narrow city streets. With the main drive battery being located under the floor, the seating position is raised slightly higher than the typical super-mini, giving you a more commanding view of the road. It is equipped with traditional automatic car controls. Yet being electric, the drive is smooth and effortless. The Renault Zoe responds well at junctions and will set off with the minimum of fuss. Please contact us to show your support and we can provide you with zero emissions automatic driving lessons later in 2017.


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