Driving Lessons in Lincoln

Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons in the Lincoln Area

Learn to Drive in Lincoln

Seif passed his driving test on 12 October 2019

Auto Driving Lessons in Lincoln

Learn to drive in Lincoln's first fully electric driving school car. The fully electric Renault Zoe will help you pass the automatic driving test with zero emissions.

Olivia passed her driving test on 31 October 2019

Manual Driving Lessons in Lincoln

Learn to drive in the fantastic Mini One. This is a great small car for learning to drive. Petrol cars are cleaner and smoother to drive than diesel.

Automatic Electric Driving Lessons

Driving Instructors Wanted

Manual Franchise only £40 per week. Fully inclusive, no additional fees. We need a driving instructor to take all our new leads for manual driving lessons in Lincoln.

first 2 hours special offer

First Driving Lesson £30

Get your first driving lesson for £30. This will be 2 hours in duration. New drivers will learn the basic car controls and some driving on a quiet road or this will be a driving assessment if you have driven before. Applies to automatic and manual driving lessons.

Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons £30 per hour

All driving lessons are charged at £30 per hour. It is common practise to provide 2 hour driving lessons to help you become driving test ready sooner. Price applies to manual and automatic driving lessons.

10 hour block booking

10 Hour Block Booking £280

Save £20 when you purchase your driving lessons in blocks of 10 hours. This is a great way to reduce the cost of driving lessons. Price applies to manual and automatic driving lessons

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Learn Smart Driving School is proud to be the only driving school in Lincoln to offer you a live online booking system for your driving lessons. Start with a free driving lesson consultation so we can discuss your requirements and advise on the best driving course for you to take. You may arrange your driving lessons to start or finish from home, school, college or your place of work. 

We will offer you an unrivalled package of competitive pricing, high grade driving instructors. You may be able to book you driving lessons directly with your driving instructor or you can book your driving lessons online. You will be able to see the live availability of your driving instructor and book your chosen driving lesson. As well as accepting cash payments, we provide secure services to allow you to make your purchases using your debit or credit cards. Card purchases can be made online or during your driving lessons and we do not add any card processing charges. To help you pass your theory test, free Theory Test Training is included for all our customers, using our app to practise on your phone and using the web portal to take mock tests at home on your computer.

We have enabled you to book all types of driving lesson online, from your very first driving lesson all the way through to advanced driving lessons. Call us if you are looking for a pass plus driving course or motorway driving experience. We will tailor your driving course to suit your goals, from passing the driving test to gaining more confidence. You are twice as likely to pass your driving test after taking driving lessons with one of our fully qualified driving instructors.

Our Driving Instructors for Lincoln and the surrounding areas

In Lincoln we can offer the choice of  driving instructors, both are currently using manual gear cars to take you for your manual driving test at the Lincoln driving test centre. If you would like help choosing your driving instructor, please complete the form for the driving lesson consultation.

Learn Smart Driving Instructors

Mike Nunn DVSA ADI (car)

Automatic Driving Lessons Available

Book your automatic driving lessons and your manual driving lessons with Mike Nunn, Grade A Instructor. You can learn to drive in our fully electric Renault Zoe. Lincoln’s first electric driving lessons will help to reduce pollution around our city. Zero emissions from the car, which is charged at home using a green energy suppiler. Our car runs on renewable engery.

Zero Emissions Driving Lessons

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