Further and Advanced Driver Training

Take Your Driving Skills up to the Next Level and Become a Safer Driver

Further Driver Training and Refresher Courses

Learn Smart Driving School is for life not just a driving test. Our expert driving instructors can help you with all aspects of driving. Have you considered buying an electric car? Allow us to to show you how easy owning an EV can really be. Do you avoid driving on motorways? We can help you find the confidence to tackle motorways, we usually include a stop at motorway services. Do you refer to a junction as “that place”, you know the one you always avoid. We can help you overcome this obsticle so you no longer have to that 10 mile detour. No matter the driving issue, we have a driving instructor that can help you.

electric automatic driving lessons

EV Driving Experience - £50

We can help you discover if an electric car can fit into your lifestyle, we can try the commute to work or the shopping trip or just try driving into town to find a charger. We can offer advise on charging and finding public chargers.

pass plus course

Pass Plus Course - £178

Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours and is for drivers to improve their driving skills. It's aimed at the new driver, recommended to be taken within 12 months of passing the driving test.

motorway driving lesson

Motorway Driving Lesson - £83

Are you wanting to gain valuabe motorway driving experience? Maybe you are a new driver yet to drive on a motorway or you wish to feel more confident. We can help with you with all your motorway driving skills.

2 hour driving lesson

Driver Refresh Lessons - £55

Do you avoid roundabouts? Do you drive around the car park several times to find the perfect parking space? We can help you become a better and a safer driver and overcome your driving dilemmas.

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Learn Smart Driving School is proud to offer you a free consultation before asking you to book further driver training. We want to make sure that you can achieve your objective of becoming a better driver. There are many ways to improve. As well as extra lessons with our driving school we can advise on which motoring groups are available to take your driving to advanced levels.

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Learn Smart Driving SchoolCopyright 2020 – Learn Smart Driving School